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It Was Only Yesterday EP by Supreme D (June 19th 2014)
released under CRT Music & United Legion of DOOM
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Q Magazine (April/May) (Printed.)


In the middle of April, we finally got ahold of Californian producer named Hwang while he was spending his break at Vegas. Hwang premiered his second project, BLUE, in a kingdom by the sea through his bandcamp account hwangx.bandcamp.com and his associated collective, unitedlegionofdoom.com. The Seoul (Korea) born, California-bred Hwang doesn’t have his specific genre but he proved he’s the expert of every genre through his first project, It Was Only Yesterday, where he showcased his style of music. His production team, CRT has been collaborating with Britpop artists like Jessie Ware, Ella Henderson, and other mainstream vocalists for a few years. The following are highlights from our discussions on his latest project, music, life, and himself. 


On BLUE, in a kingdom by the sea

- I wanted to try something different than my last project, It Was Only Yesterday. This album really shows who I am. My own definition of “fine music”. I did not include many pop materials just like my last project for this BLUE album. I don’t want to say that this is experimental album since I’ve been doing this for a while. This album defines what my favorite music is. Despite the fact that I couldn’t release some of my original work due to my contract between my production team, I tried my best to showcase my originality and unconventional works to the listeners. I don’t have many opportunities like this to share my music with many people. It’s really awesome how I can connect with so many people around the globe through my music. 

Insight of His Latest Album

- I worked alone in my apartment most of the time. I didn’t really collaborate with other artists unlike my first project. I could manage to work with a few artists for its necessity but I decided to work everything by myself. I had to email so many artists for their appearances and I had to book so many recording sessions for my last project. But this album is simply from my empty room. Just myself, my midi keyboards, my drumpad, my laptop, and my ears. 

On His Contribution On Britpop Artists And His Strategy

- It’s my pleasure to work with talented artists like Ella Henderson and Jessie Ware. I always try to learn from many artists that I work with and that I like. We first started working with Britpop artists when Harpoon and Ware’s camp contacted our production team and we worked on songs like “Widest Moments” and “110%” and we mixed a couple of other singles from her first album. And then other artists hit us up afterward. I’m so glad that I had a chance to work with so many talented Britpop artists. To me, every recording session is like a lecture to me. I take notes in my head and I always apply someone’s best quality or strength to my music. I’m not copying them or anything, my mentality is like that. I love learning from the industry’s experts. Not everyone has an opportunity like me. I’m trying to take an advantage. When I’m in the studio with my team, I frequently ask myself “If Emile Hyaine or Rick Rubin was here, what would he add or reduce?”. I love working with UK artists, their contrasting styles of music really inspire me. Thankfully, I’m continuing my aesthetic relationship with Britpop artists, soon you will hear our crew’s production on many Britpop artists’ albums often.  

Being A Student Producer 

- I go to school 6 AM through 12 PM. Recently, I’m really stressed out because of my college plans. I don’t want to talk about that (laughs). My friends at school have better music taste than me so whenever we hangout we just share our favorite new artists and eat chicken wings together (laughs). People are often surprised that I am a high school student. It could be my great factor of mine but I don’t want people to judge my music just because I’m still a high school student. Sometimes people criticize my work and don’t take my work seriously because I’m a “baby”. When I first experienced people like them I was obviously hurt but I don’t give a fuck anymore. Nathan Chapman and Heather (CRT head producers) liked my music when I was in 7th grade! 

On His Next Move

- You can expect some visuals from my album. I’m trying to promote my album and share with many people possible. My production team and I are working on two more major projects this year. We have already worked on two major albums and we have planned to turn in our final products by the end of this month. Starting from May, we’re refreshing our brain until June and taking a break from each others. Meantime, I’ll be working on new Brady Vans’ album with my closest friend, Jeremy Fuentes. And I’ll be working with artists from United Legion of DOOM as well.

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Interview with SpaceJug

We had a chance to ask HWANG a few questions from his recent album all the way to where he gains most of his inspiration. Peep below.

Please Introduce yourself:
I’m a music producer from California. I’m currently working with CRT Music, United Legion of DOOM, and Fatal Planet. I’m just a guy who really loves the art of music.

How did you connect with legion of doom?:
I first connected with Jecorey (1200) on Twitter, I first shared my music to him and he really liked my stuff so we became close then shared our music through our email and Dropbox. At that time, I was working on a project with a rapper friend from my high school and 1200 sent his guest verse for my friend’s album. Apparently, we couldn’t finish that album but I built a strong friendship with 1200 throughout that process, soon he asked me to be a part of his collective, United Legion of DOOM, and the rest is history!

You have a very dope sound, who are your influences?:
I love listening to Radiohead, Jon Brion, The Cure, old east-coast hiphop music, Kanye West, Glen Hansard, Miles Davis, Cocteau Twins, Caribou, Ariel Pink, and so many musicians! I don’t really listen to the specific genre of music. I ain’t got no types (laughs).

Blue, in a kingdom by the sea was dope what inspired you to make such a dope album?:
I wanted to try something different than It Was Only Yesterday (Hwang’s first album). Last winter, I’ve been making EDM influenced tracks for fun and I wanted to release my instrumental album with a bunch of unreleased stuff. Even though I didn’t include that portion to my album, EDM artists such as Hudson Mohawke, Cashmere Cat, and other EDM artists really inspired me and I love sampling artists like J Dilla, Kanye, Pete Rock, Q Tip, and Madlib so I think they also influenced the half of my album. Paintings, movies, photographs, and poetic pieces were also my influence during the process. I went to many art galleries in Los Angeles and artists really inspired me to be myself. I wanted to create something that I love to listen and enjoy. This amazing album cover is from my friend, Grand Kaiser from Boston. I was really fascinated by Larry Sultan’s post-realism works so I sent him a couple of Larry’s work then we decided to create an artwork together.

Were there any tracks that were cut from making the album?:
There are so many outtakes from this album. Since I’m working with my production team, they didn’t give me approvals to some of my original track. Also, it was supposed to be my instrumental/electronic album but then I decided to change my direction so there are many outtakes from this album.

If you could work with anyone who would you work with?:
I want to work with many artists if possible. My role model is Rick Rubin, I love how he’s associate with artists like Adele, Johnny Cash, Weezer, Beastie Boys, and Eminem. They’re very different yet Rick Rubin knows how to control them and produce music that they really need. If I have an opportunity to work with Rick Rubin, then it would be so amazing. I don’t want to work with specific artists but I really want to learn from many creative songwriters and artists.

What does your day consist of?:
My daily routine is pretty boring. I wake up, go to school, eat lunch, do my homework, hang out with my friends, and that’s all. Throughout the day, I try to listen to music and write something down that is on my mind. I watch movies frequently and try to find inspiration. I usually work during the weekend with my production team. Nothing special.

Where do you gather your creativity? And how do you apply it to your music?:
I try to gather my creativity through every day life. I want to deliver my messages and sounds to the audience through what I’m feeling and what I’m experiencing. When I work with my production team, we always share what we’re going through, relationship problems, and stress. Then, we gather these ideas and write songs about it subjectively. Sometimes, when I’m in my room alone, I open up DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) then I rely on my pure instinct. I randomly play keys and I randomly make drum patterns and hope it could turn into an amazing song (laughs).

What’s next after Blue?:
I will be working with my production team as a producer. We’re finishing up one artist’s album from Universal, I’m not allowed to say her name but she’s a defined pop-star of our generation and I believe that she has the potential to win the Album of the Year for the Grammy’s in 2016 or 2017. This year, my production team and I are planning to work with 3 more artists from UMG. Beside that, I’m working on Brady Van’s newest album and I’ll be collaborating with United Legion of DOOM and Fatal Planet artists as well.

Any videos in the works?:
I’ll be working on my visuals in the near future like I did with It Was Only Yesterday tracks. I’m not 100% sure about releasing my visuals but I’m trying my best to share my music with many people.

Anything you would like to add before we end this interview?
Thank you Space Jug for this interview and you guys can check out my latest album, BLUE, in a kingdom by the sea from hwangx.bandcamp.com or unitedlegionofdoom.com.

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Hwang Opens the Waters with “BLUE, in a kingdom by the sea”

California native Dong Joo Hwang, AKA D.J. AKA SupremeD is a producer and musician who has always had an interest in music. He first learned how to play the piano and flute and eventually joined his school’s orchestra and several other ensemble’s. Not only was an instrumentalist but he was a vocalist that participated in many competitions where he won multiple awards. When he realized his voice had changed he began to pursue musical production where he learned about many software’s and found his career path as a producer. He first learned how to use the software called FL Studio when he was in 6th grade and shared his music with his cousin, Aaron. Aaron was also interested in music production so he taught him how to use industrial software like Protools. With his support, he finally started to make some quality music and started to post his music on his blog. In 2012, he was signed by his production team, CRT, where he was able to work with his new co-workers to produce and share the music he loved.


About 2 years later he released his first album It Was Only Yesterday and a little over 48 hours ago, Hwang released his sophomore album Blue, in a kingdom by the sea. Most of you may have never heard of his name before but you have heard his music. He works with multiple members and artists’ of the United Legion of DOOM for example 1200 who has a guest appearance on his new album and Grand Kaiser who never fails to blow my mind with amazing artwork!

I personally have not had much contact with Hwang but over the past few months we’ve been communicating and I had been looking forward to his new album when I heard he would be releasing one soon. My personal favorite is the beginning, “Open” because it just immediately caught my attention and had me boppin’ for the rest of the album. It was perfect timing cause I was on my way to the beach so it put me in an even better mood. Anyways, I was able to get more details of the album through an email conversation and all the work and thought that went into this new album. I’ll now let Hwang do the talking for his complete and flawless masterpiece.


Artwork by Grand Kaiser

How is “BLUE, in a kingdom by the sea” different from “It Was Only Yesterday”?
– I was focusing more on vocal and melody portions on It Was Only Yesterday (IWOY). I had to email a lot of artists to get a proper clearance or feature. It was like my whole career in one album like how I was a part of The Destroyer or Jessie Ware’s production before when I made my own album. If I created IWOY to make people love and appreciate my music, then I created BLUE, in a kingdom by the sea (BLUE) to share people what I love about music.
-In BLUE album, I couldn’t release any original pieces because of my contract between me and my production team. With my production team’s permission, I could balance between my original works and reworks from other artists. I tried my best to include my signature sound and my own texture to them. This album is heavily based on samples from other artists. Some people really appreciate the beauty of sampling so I really hope people do like my style of sampling flips.

Where do you find most of your samples?
– I usually search it on YouTube. I share  rare Youtube channels with good 70s and 80s music with several friends. I also listen to my coworker Jason’s vinyl collections and find inspiration. During the session, I just picked up a random vinyl and played it. One of them was 21st Century’s Ahead of Our Time. I really loved their track, The Way We Were and put it on my ProTools and started sampling it. It came out as The Way We Remember (Positive Vibes Only). Nowadays I sample artists from UMG because it’s easier for me to get clearance and get approval.

Which of your two albums is your favorite and why?
–  I just can’t pick one of them. I don’t think it’s fair to my hard-work. I worked on both albums equally very hard.

What are your favorite songs from each album and why?
– My favorite song from IWOY is Wildest Moments because it was my first major record that I’ve worked on throughout my short career as a producer. My album version has my own drums and other additional production that Kid and Jessie’s team took out from the original record. I really wanted to share my version of it and I’m so glad they gave me permission to include that on my album. Brady Vans’ verse was a very last-minute decision that I made on the album. I was supposed to work with a different rapper on the record, but it didn’t work out. I asked Brady for it and I didn’t expect that he would do it for me. Like you heard, he murdered the track with his smooth flows and intelligent lines. I really love his work.
– From BLUE album, my favorite track is World Revolves Around You. I don’t know why I love that track so much. I recommend you listen to this through speakers or headphones. I recommend listening to any music through speakers and headphones actually. Other than World Revolves Around You, my favorite track is The Way We Remember (Positive Vibes Only) that me and 1200 produced. It was also my last-minute decision that I made for this album and 1200 created a masterpiece from a complex beat that I made. We did a similar work on IWOY called KKK, but I don’t think it was relatable to many people and the subject matter was too heavy for some people.

What influenced the title of “BLUE, in a kingdom by the sea”?
– I think blue is a mysterious color. It often represents “coldness” and “solitude”, but I’ve recently watched a film called “Blue is the warmest color”, that really inspired me to title my album, BLUE. My music both have cold and bright sides. So it really suited as my album title. Also “in a kingdom by the sea” is a line from one of my favorite poetic pieces, “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe. The poem is about him remembering his dead wife by the shore. I felt like I was in the same situation as Edgar Allan Poe in how I’m remembering my old love while I’m working on this album.

What influenced the sound of “BLUE, in a kingdom by the sea”?
– I wanted to try something different than IWOY. Last year, I was really into artists like Cashmere Cat, Hudson Mohawke, and other electronic music producers. I was planning to create an EDM album, but I didn’t want to limit my album as one genre. I had already finished this album in December but I decided to change my direction and it finally came out as BLUE, In a kingdom by the sea.

What was it like working with other artists on this album?
– Unlike my last album, IWOY, I didn’t really have to interact with many artists for this album since it was a mostly sampling-based project. My friend, Jeremy Fuentes, made a track called “WANT” and I loved it as soon as I heard his demo track. I decided to work on my version of it for my album. He knows how to create melancholy and uplifting tunes like that. I always love working with 1200. He always shares his vision for every track and his advice is always helpful to me to become a better musician. It was my first time working with Greg Brown but I’ve already heard his past works and I really enjoyed them. My producer friend, HXNS was supposed to be working on “WANT”, unfortunately, he was caught up with his school works. Our collaboration never really worked out (laughs).

What influenced the cover art of  “BLUE, in a kingdom by the sea”? What was the experience like working with Grand Kaiser?
– Recently, I had a chance to visit LACMA, an art gallery in Los Angeles. I was fascinated by Larry Sultan’s post-realism works and I went to his website and saw this image of a mother and her baby swimming in a pool. That picture really grabbed my attention. I felt like a mother figure from the picture was representing a savior, despite the religious perspectives, I feel like music is my savior in my life. The baby would then reflect me in this picture. I showed this image to my designer friend Grand Kaiser, who’s also a brilliant musician, and he added red and orange tone from the original work. I enjoy working with people that I love and respect. Grand Kaiser is one of them, for sure.

Consider the title, the music, and the art. Rank the importance of these. What formula do you use when creating the three? What comes first? Are they all dependent on each other?
– Everything is important, but I would like to rank the music as the most important part of my album. Without good music, the title and the art wouldn’t really matter. Since I’m a music producer, I care about the sound much more than the others. I really care about the art cover part too. Though, I’m interested in art and design, I’m not an expert at it, I always do collaborations with other artists and try to learn from them. That’s why I was working with Mariah Llanes, an illustrator from Canada, and gave her all of artistic direction for IWOY. I worked with Grand Kaiser for this album and he has been working with many underground artists and his works are phenomenonal so I could trust him with my album’s cover.
– For BLUE album, I finished my music and tracklist first, then Grand Kaiser and I created a cover for it. At last, I came up with an album title. I mean, it doesn’t really matter. I always make my music first and the rest of them goes right after the music.

What was the creative process like when recording and writing this album? Did you do most of the work alone? Where did you write and record?
– The creative process during this album was totally different than IWOY. Pieces from this album are mostly from my room and I created them without any frustration and limitation by someone else. I made those records just simply because I love tunes like them. I worked most of the time alone. I wrote them while I was in my apartment and while I was in a coffee shop near my place. When I went to work, I often showed my music to people in the studio and they gave me criticism and their opinion.

Describe this album in three words.
– Gritty. Challenging. Nonchalant.

Why Gritty/Challenging/Nonchalant?
– Gritty has two definitions. I really love rough samplings and I’m anti-digital when I make music. I really love dirty and gritty sounds from sampling and off-beat tracks. “World Revolves Around You” & “Ew Ha Ew Ha” are great examples of gritty music. Also a word “Gritty” could define as showing courage. I believe that I showed my courage and ambitious through this project.
– I choose the word “Challenging” because I had to argue and make a compromise to release this album. I finished this album in December, but I couldn’t release it until now. Like I said, my production team members weren’t cool with my album release because they wanted me to focus on other projects and keep my original pieces to develop and give different artists. I respect my team and understand them, but I wanted to share my music with many people possible so I had to compromise on certain things. Also, my album was supposed be an instrumental album. I even got official instrumentals from Rhye and Galimatias themselves, but I felt like something was missing so I’ve decided to include some vocals.
– Nonchalant because you can enjoy my album at any time. Whenever you’re feeling good or bad, you can always listen to my album. That was my primary goal for this project.

If you absolutely had to choose one genre for this album, what would that be?
– One special thing about my album is that I don’t have one defined genre. I want Kendrick Lamar fans to listen and like my style of music. I want Radiohead fans to like my album. I want electronic music fans to like my album. I want Freddie Mercury fans to like my album. You know what I’m talking about (laughs).

What singles and visuals can we expect from this album?
– You can expect a few visuals from my album. I have a music video of “World Revolves Around You” that my friend and I made in December. I don’t know if I’m going to release that version but soon I will announce a few visuals from this album through my twitter and my website. Eventually, I’ll be doing more interviews internationally to promote my album.

Hwang will continue to go over and beyond the expectations of his fans and listeners which is why I’m already excited for when he plans to release his third album. Hopefully he’ll be making a trip over here to The Ville in the near future.

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Hwang Opens the Waters with "BLUE, in a kingdom by the sea"


Hwang Opens the Waters with “Blue, in a kingdom by the sea”


Californa native Dong Jooh Hwang, AKA D.J. AKA Deej AKA SupremeD is a producer and musician who has always had an interest in music. He first learned how to play the piano and flute and eventually joined his school’s orchestra and several other assemble’s. Not only was an instrumentalist but he was a vocalist that participated in many competitions where he won multiple awards. When he realized…

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the WILD Magazine September/October (UK. Printed.)


Some people seem born into greatness. Their creative prowess develops supernaturally and fuels by their passion. D.J. Hwang, who was formerly known as Supreme D, has produced for Jessie Ware’s Devotion and her most-anticipating album of the year,Tough Love. His production also features on Jennifer Lopez’s A.K.A, Ella Henderson’s upcoming album Chapter One, The Canadian band Destroyer’s Kaputt, and 1200, who just released his debut album called Symphony I. When he first stepped into the recording studio for the first time, at the tender age of 16, it all clicked. We caught up with California based Hwang to discuss about his production team, strategies about his songwriting and gave us insight into his recording and collaborating with different artists.

 by: B. Skrainka

Who were some of your earliest influences that have impacted to your career?

My cousin, Aaron. About 6 years ago, he was also into music production and bought all these high-end softwares. At that time, I was using really cheap and free softwares and I was never satisfied with my music’s quality. He taught me how to use all these equipments and later on, he gave me his softwares and stuff. 

You’ve been working with CRT production since 2011. Can you tell us how you first connect with them?

People don’t know about our production team unless you are in the music industry or Columbia Records. I didn’t know about our production team at first, but one of my friend, Heather asked me to join when I was only in 9th grade through my Tumblr. I used to post my songs and lyrics on my blog, she thought that I was a grown ass man (laughs). My blog was generally about generating lyrics and sharing my favorite music though. After 4 years of serving as a sidekick for my production team, now I have more opportunities to co-produce with veteran producers and earn credits for what I’ve done. I didn’t even get any credits until this year. Sometimes, people invites me to join their session in different states. Now that’s cool.

 You also had the chance to work with pop stars like Jessie Ware. What was your involvement with her?

It all happened about 2 years ago. Kid Harpoon had a track with Jessie Ware and it was an acoustic track. So Kid asked our production team to re-create his work and we started to add drums and piano into his track. I had a chance to see her while she was touring around California but I couldn’t make it unfortunately. Apparently, she has won Album of the Year in UK and won so many awards from her debut album [Devotion]. It was a great achievement for an art-pop album. She contacted us again for her new album and our production team has contributed almost every single track on her upcoming album. It’s fascinating. 

What was your biggest achievement this year?

In June, I released my first solo album, It Was Only Yesterday, alongside with my favorite artists. It was released through my blog and UNITEDLEGIONOFDOOM.COM. I’ve been working for this project for 6 months and it turned out very well. I didn’t promote my album at all. No blog replacement and I didn’t have any singles. Though, I had one interview with Japanese magazine and my album ranked No.1 on Korean music website. This year, I have so many tracks with upcoming or underground artists from worldwide. I’m in the early stage of my next album too. I would like to release my instrumental album before December. 

I’ve noticed that you’ve been working with United Legion of DOOM artists. Can you talk a bit about them?

It’s a collective/label that consists of talented musicians and designers. 1200, first asked me to join early this year and it was my pleasure to be a part of his movement. ULD (United Legion of DOOM) is founded by DJ Deuce, 1200, and Rames. I didn’t really have any deep conversations with everyone from ULD but everyone in that collective is super talented and been nothing but nice to me. I’ve been working with 1200 since last winter and currently, I’m planning to work with outstanding vocalists from ULD, as well. 

I had a production on 1200’s debut album, Symphony I, it’s a masterpiece. Check his album and superb producer Nick B’s EP on UNITEDLEGIONOFDOOM.COM

How do you collaborate with other artists? Do you write songs for exclusively for them?

Through email, most of the time. When I work as a freelance producer, I just send my instrumental tracks and have them writing for their own. It’s hard to collaborate with people outside of studio because it causes a lack of communication. Emails and texts aren’t enough for me.

When I’m in the studio, artists request us to write specific songs. They often give us musical directions so i just create something they would appreciate. And for the labels, we don’t really follow the industry’s trends. CRT Production and I write something we feel at that moment. Everything is improvisation. 

Every producer has a different interpretation of what a producer’s role should be. What’s your role as a producer?

There are “celebrity” producers like Flying Lotus and Diplo, who became the headliner of any music festivals. And you see “studio” producers like Quincy Jones and Jeff Bhasker, who remain invisible and silence to the public. It won’t really matter if I become a “celebrity” producer or “studio” producer. My role as a producer is to support vocalists and rappers and make them shine on their records. I feel like artists are like Ferrari’s body and producers are like engine and fans are like tires. Ferrari’s body looks stunning but it’s really nothing without its engine. Producers and designers are like Ferrari’s engine because engines are replaceable but yet very important. If you are not a good engine, then Ferrari could replace you anytime. Fans are like Ferrari’s tires because you can’t go anywhere without your supporters even if your music or design is phenomenal.

What’s your ultimate goal as a producer?

I want to work with people that I love and create something that I really want. It’s almost impossible to create everything by myself when I work with my production team because we all have different visions and ideas. Lastly, I want to share my feelings and spread happiness to many audiences and listeners as possible. I believe that music is universal language. It always has been and it will always be the same. 




New Jessie Ware Video

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Music Video: KKK by Hwang/Supreme D & 1200 & T.Dip

Download “It Was Only Yesterday” EP @ unitedlegionofdoom.com/supreme

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